Tips for New Pilates Students

Tips for New Pilates Students

Keep these tips in mind so that you can get the most out of your pilates workout.

  • Stay focused. Qualified instructors teach ways to keep your breathing working in conjunction with the exercises. You will be taught to concentrate on your muscles and what you are doing. The goal of pilates is to unite your mind and body, which relieves stress and anxiety. Pilates is a workout!

  • Be comfortable. Wear comfortable clothes (as you would for yoga — shorts or tights and a T-shirt or tank top are good choices), and keep in mind that pilates is usually done without shoes. If you start feeling uncomfortable, strained, or experience pain, you should stop.

  • Let it flow. When you perform your exercises, avoid quick, jerky movements. Every movement should be slow, but still strong and flexible. The transitions and flow between the exercises are an integral part of the workout.

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