SPY is the premier Pilates studio in Scottsdale that offers group and private sessions of Classical Pilates and private Yoga.

Our Pinnacle Peak location is the one and only Studio Boutique dedicated to the art and science of Traditional Classical Pilates that offers expert training on every piece of Pilates equipment. Enjoy private training and small group classes with our team of specialists.

If you are brand new to Pilates, we suggest taking five private sessions with our exceptional teachers to introduce you to Pilates and learn all the fundamentals of this authentic method.

Three months of consistent training, three times a week will lead you to a more powerful, balanced, leaner sculpted body. We welcome you to come in and change your life.


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SPY Fitness is a family-owned and operated fitness training business committed to enabling our clients to reach heights they may have never before thought possible. Our training philosophy embodies healing the body, the mind, and the spirit. We want our clients to experience themselves at their very best, and then pass it on to their families and friends.


SPY Pilates

8900 E Pinnacle Peak Rd,

Suite C-2,

Scottsdale, AZ 85255





Private Sessions one-on-one
Per Package

Take advantage of our private sessions to get personalized assistance and guidance to align your body to the next level.


  • 55 minute Session
  • One-on-One Personalized Session
  • 5 Private Sessions
  • Authentic Personalized Assistance
  • 1 year expiration

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Thais Thais
    If you're tired of injuring yourself or the competitiveness of yoga or contemporary Pilates try Classical Reformers Pilates with Jessica.  It doesn't have to hurt or make you sweat to work! I also took the therapeutic Pilates twice last week to ease me back in to the reformer and all my usual aches and pains vanished! I suggest signing up for a trial week and go to a lot of different classes to find the instructor(s) that work best for you. Also try their North and South studio locales. I recommend.
  • Ariana Ariana
    Such an amazing peaceful studio/ environment to workout in! I've taken a few reformer Pilates classes with Nancy and learned so many new things I didn't know, even though I've been doing Pilates for over a year now. Don't have one bad thing to say about this place, can't wait to go back!
  • Tamar Tamar
    I love this place! They have great instructors, variety of classes and clean and neat studio. I've been coming here for the last year and I'm very impressed and will recommend to anyone that is like me and enjoys working out with a small group and being guided through his workout. For me it's a right combination that motivates me to keep coming. The Reformer Pilates, has many levels and they are my favorite classes here. They also offer sweet deals for new clients. Check this place out!
  • Rebecca & Frank Rebecca & Frank
    I started with SPY about a year ago and this is the first time I have been able to be consistent with any type of workout. I love it and they provide a variety of instructors and many schedule options. They encourage you to push yourself and able to work with everyone's comfort level. Classes are fun and fast paced. Thank you to all my instructors!
  • Pat S Pat S


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  • 4 Private sessions
  • 4 Group Pilates Classes
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